Registration for 2018-2019 begins July 16!

Online Registration will begin July 16 for children entering Des Moines Schools for the fall. Once it begins,  parents who have already enrolled their children can log on to their Parent Portal to register their children online 24 a day. Families new to Des Moines Public Schools should contact our District Welcome Center as soon as possible.

If you have any problems, or do not have a tablet, laptop or desktop computer available to register – Monroe’s office will be available for assistance Monday through Friday from 9am until 3pm. Please call before stopping in, 515-242-8425.

On Thursday, July 26, we will keep our office open later for assistance. Please plan on stopping in before 6:30pm that day if you need help and cannot make it earlier on another day.

If you haven’t logged into your Parent Portal in awhile, now would be the best time to do so. By doing this early, you will be able to update your password, complete any updates or changes to your address or phone number, and clear out any old messages in the system.

When Online Registration begins July 16, once you’re logged in, follow the link “Online Registration” link in the bottom-left menu.

When you have logged in the Online Registration system, it will list all the children Des Moines Schools show you are able to register at that time. If you see children missing from that list or you see extra children, please STOP and call the office at 515-242-8425 so that we can be sure to get everything right. Otherwise, if you complete the registration process with those problems, we might have to restart the whole application.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing your children in the fall.

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