School for Rigor

We are excited to continue our work being a Des Moines Public Schools designated School for Rigor in 2018-2019.

What are Schools for Rigor and why do we need them?

Schools for Rigor will be places where our students, teachers and principals experience the academically demanding teaching and learning required by the Iowa Core.

Our district, our parents and community members all know that student mastery of the Iowa Core standards will ensure that students are able to perform the 21st century skills that they will need for success in higher education and in future careers. These skills include critical-thinking, analysis, deduction, creativity and the ability to work both independently and cooperatively in teams to solve complex problems. We recognize that this kind of learning is very different from what most of us experienced in school as we were growing up.

It also requires teaching that is very different from the way most of our educators were trained. For this reason, our principals and teachers will participate in accelerated, intensive training in strategies to transform their schools and classrooms into student-centered places of engaging and academically demanding learning.